BOARD of directors ("board")

The Westgate Cabana Club is managed by a group of dedicated volunteers. There are eight Board positions (see below) which are elected by members each September for the subsequent pool season. Elected Board members serve a term of one year and may serve up to three consecutive years. The Boardmay appoint Committee members as needed to support management of the Club.  The primary responsibilities of the Board are:

  • Safety of Pool Patrons
  • Ensure Club is Adhering to Bylaws, San Jose Conditional Use Permit, and other Government Regulations
  • Approve Operating Budget and Monitor Spending
  • Approve Product Prices
  • Approve Operating Calendar
  • Approve Significant Changes to Club Operations
  • Approve Scholarship and Donation Requests
  • ​Ensuring that there is adequate insurance coverage for Club (officers, liability, swim lessons)
  • Meet as Needed to Discuss Business and Collaborate (typically once a month)

If you are interested in joining the Board or becoming a Committee member, then please contact us.

(Main) +1-408-378-4181

(Lessons) +1-408-703-2458

4750 Bucknall Road San Jose CA 95130 US

Board of Directors
Committee Members
President - Kurt Schumacher
Gatewatch Coordinator - Aamir Waheed
Secretary - Diana Roucoux
Webmaster - Ed DaSilva
Membership Director - Valerie Kulich
Party Coordinator - Angelica Apel
Treasurer - Sean Winther​
Facilities - Delia Gee
Aquatics Director - Jennifer Snyder
Pool Maintenance - Barry Smith
Facilities Director - Ernie Tai
Pool Maintenance - Gena Parker
Pool Maintenance Director - Randy Parker
Fundraising Coordinator - Amber Menasco
Swim Team Liaison - Claudia Smith