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faq - gatewatch

  1. What is the purpose of gatewatch? Gatewatch promotes the safety and security of our pool by ensuring that only members and their guests enter the facility. Members performing gatewatch are also responsible for assisting lifeguards or members in the case of an emergency. Gatewatch allows members to be ambassadors of the pool for a few hours.

  2. Do I need to register with SignUp.com to sign up for gatewatch? You are not required to set up an account, unless you wish to do so. Instead SignUp.com requires that you verify your email address by entering it twice and then uses this email to send you confirmation and reminders about your shifts. Be sure to use the same email address for all your sign up activity.

  3. How do I view the shifts that I previously signed up for? Go to the gatewatch calendar on Signup.com and you will be able to see your sign ups.

  4. I signed up for my gatewatch shifts, but I never received an email confirmation or reminder? Check your spam folder. Also, be sure to add SignUp.com emails to your safe list.

  5. I signed up for my gatewatch shifts, but now I can’t find my sign ups, what happened? Be sure to use the same email address when signing up or changing shifts. The shifts are tied to the email that you signed up under, so using one consistent email will make it easier to view all of your shifts together.

  6. I cannot attend my scheduled shift, what do I do? If you need to cancel or change a shift, if possible, we ask that you do so at least 72 hours in advance to allow another member the opportunity to take your spot. Go to the calendar on SignUp.com and cancel your shift; this will notify the Gatewatch Coordinator and free up the shift for someone else to fill. 

  7. This is my first time performing gatewatch, do I need to bring anything to my shift?How will I know what to do? All the materials you will need for gatewatch can be found at the desk, including a complete list of duties. Your primary role is to verify membership by looking up the names of those checking in at the desk and sell or receive guest passes. The materials at the desk outline other responsibilities to complete during your shift.

  8. During my shift, a person tried to enter the facility deceptively, but they were clearly not a member? Occasionally, unauthorized people may try to enter and use the pool. If this happens during your shift, please ask them to leave or notify the lifeguards on duty.

  9. I completed my required gatewatch shifts, but never received a refund? Refunds are not automatically issued. You need to complete a Refund Request Form. Deadline to request a refund is October 31st.