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gatewatch DUTIES


Gatewatch is an important responsibility of all Westgate Cabana Members. It promotes the safety and security of our pool by ensuring that only members and their guests enter the facility. Members performing Gatewatch are also responsible for assisting the Lifeguard or General Membership Families in the case of an emergency.

Gatewatch duty is mandatory for all Family (3 shifts) and Single Adult (2 shifts) Memberships. Gatewatch is not required for teen membership. Each shift is approximately 3 hours.  Note that some shifts overlap to allow for adequate coverage during busy times of the day, so in some cases two members will be present with overlapping gatewatch shifts.

The general responsibility during Gatewatch is to verify membership and to receive guest passes. All Gatewatch instructions and binders will be located at the check-in desk. No other materials are required during your shift. We ask that you use your discretion in having children accompany you during your shift.

Once you have completed your shifts, you are eligible to receive your gatewatch deposit.

Interested in fulfilling your gatewatch requirement doing something other than gatewatch? There are other ways to help around the pool, particularly if you have specialized talents or skills. Please visit our
Volunteer webpage for more details.


  • Greet Members and have them sign in

  • Verify their Membership status by looking up their name and photograph in the Membership Binder (applications are organized alphabetically)

  • Remind Members NOT to park in front of any residential houses due to our parking ordinance with the City of San Jose. Parking is permitted across the street at Baker Elementary.

  • If a Member brings a guest, then receive payment or mark off guest pass punch card and ask the guest to sign in on the Guest Sign-in sheet (If the guest is a minor, the member will sign the guest list for them)

  • Answer questions and assist prospective members finding general information about the club, swim lessons, or swim team; flyers are posted outside the gate or you may direct them to our website

  • Enforce club rules and policies

  • Assist lifeguard when needed