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  • Competition Suits should be one size smaller than a practice suit. They should be very snug, no wrinkles, maybe even a little uncomfortable! Don't wear your competition suits to practice every day!
  • New swimsuits get looser with age so don't buy them with room to grow.
  • Practice suits should be more comfortable fitting. The practice suits will have a little more drag in the water which helps build up the muscles. Many swimmers will wear 2 practice suits for even more drag in the water. If a little hole develops or the seat wears thin, just put on another suit over it! Board shorts do NOT make good practice suits.
  • Rinse immediately after swimming to get rid of all the chlorine and chemicals.
  • Wash by hand only with mild soap. Hang dry.
  • Do NOT use the washing machine nor dryer.
  • Wear shorts over the swimsuit during the meet to keep the seat from wearing thin.


  • Rinse immediately after swimming to get rid of all the chlorine and chemicals.
  • Pat dry with a towel.
  • Use cornstarch or talcum powder on the inside of the cap.
  • Keep out of the sunlight when not in use

Other gator gear

  • Hoodie Sweatshirt
  • Parka Order Form
  • Gator T-shirts (Adults and Kids sizes)​​

Gator Gear for 2020

  • Suit Sizing, April 13-14 from 5 to 7pm at the Cabana Office
  • Orders due April 14, for delivery by June 1 or sooner
  • Personalized Gator Team Caps order by April 14 (minimum of 2 caps per name)
  • Swim Team competition swim suits (boys and girls), sizing chart below. Color is Agon Navy with Green gator.  
  • Swim Caps (non personalized) are in stock and available for pick up in April during practice
  • Gator Custom ​Swim Parkas in Forest Green with Navy fleece, “GATORS” on back. Includes embroidered name on front.
  • Gator T-shirts in adults and kids sizes (Navy shirt with Green logo).  Show your Gator pride at our meets! 
  • Also available, Hoodie Sweatshirts in Navy with Green Gator Logo also available in adult and size sizes. 
  • Support our team - Use this link to purchase fins, goggles or any swim supplies (except clothing)

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