• Champs: Short for Championship Meet. To be eligible, a swimmer must swim in at least 2 league meets.
  • Circle Swim: To swim on the right-hand side of the lane, except in England and Australia (left side)!
  • DQ: Short for disqualification. A DQ is given to the swimmer by an appropriate official who observes the swimmer in violation of a stroke requirement or rule.
  • False start: Movement by the swimmer after taking his/her mark before the starting signal sounds.
  • Fly: Short for butterfly.
  • FR: Short for Free Relay. A free relay consists of 4 swimmers all of whom swim freestyle leg (age 10-under swim 25 yards each; 11-up swim 50 yards each).
  • Heat: Each relay has only one heat. Individual events may consist of several heats. Swimmers are put in heats with others of very similar times and abilities. Unlike U.S. Swimming, Valley Aquatic League swims the fastest heat first, and the slowest heat is the last heat.
  • IM: Short for Individual Medley. This is an event where swimmers swim each of the four strokes one length of the pool, for a total of 100 yards, in this order: butterfly-backstroke-breaststroke-freestyle.
  • MR: Short for Medley Relay. A relay consisting of 4 swimmers each of whom will swim a different stroke per leg (10-under swim 25 yards; 11-up swim 50 yards) in this order: backstroke-breaststroke-butterfly-freestyle.
  • Relay cards: Each relay team (team A, team B, and so on) consists of 4 swimmers. Each team is issued a Relay Card listing their names in the order each will swim. The card has to be given to a timer in the lane assigned for that team, so that the time can be recorded and ribbons issued. If an alternate swims, the missing swimmer’s name must be crossed out.
  • Relay team ages 10 & under: Each of the 4 relay swimmers swims 25 yards (1 pool length). Swimmer 1 and Swimmer 3 will start from the ‘timer” side of the pool, and Swimmer 2 and Swimmer 4 will start on the opposite side of the pool. Swimmer 2 will start swimming as soon as swimmer 1 has touched the wall (1 pool length), and so on. The Relay race ends when swimmer 4 touches the wall.
  • Relay team ages 11 & up: Each relay member will swim 2 lengths, 50 yards per swimmer, and all swimmers start at the same end (starting blocks).
  • Swimming up: A swimmer may be asked to compete at a higher age group than their chronological age for a relay in order to have 4 swimmers. A swimmer will never swim up in an individual event. 
  • Swimming is beneficial. Injuries are rare. Swimming puts less strain on joints and connective tissues than other forms of exercise. Experts agree that swimming is the best sport for overall conditioning. Swimming provides cardiovascular fitness, increased stamina, balance, muscular fitness, and flexibility. Read more 
  • Swimming provides self-discipline. The swimmer makes the personal choice to swim. All swimmers must develop an inner sense of discipline to devote themselves to the sport.
  • Swimming is a direct reward system. In swimming, the more effort put in, the greater the rewards. The time clock is an objective judge of the result. There are also judges who help kids learn to correct mistakes in their swimming. Rewards include the health benefits of a vigorous workout as well as the fun and thrill of competition.
  • Swimming teaches the relationship between team and individual. Neither team nor individual can prosper in swimming without the other. Swimming teaches kids to play and work with others.
  • Swimming teaches organization. Swimmers have to organize their day to fit in all their activities. They learn to do so, and in so doing, usually become better students.
  • Swimming teaches people how to win, how to lose with grace, and how to develop a personal philosophy that will make them long-term successes in life. Swimmers learn to evaluate their efforts, set goals, and achieve. Type your paragraph here.

If your children will not be competing at any swim meets, then you will only be required to volunteer 5 shifts of gatewatch or deck cleaning (75 minutes each)​ during swim practice between April 4 and June 9. 

  • Director (1 per meet): chief official for each meet. He/she ensures that the meet is properly conducted within the League rules, and that swimmers have uniformly fair competitive conditions.
  • Starter (1 per shift): the only official with direct contact with swimmers. The starter makes sure that all swimmers are given a fair and equitable start. The starter informs the swimmers of the stroke and distance to be swum. After all swimmers are ready and motionless, the starter starts the race.
  • Stroke and turn judges (4 per shift): ensure that swimmers abide by the rules for the stroke that they are swimming, including the appropriate turn or finish designated for the event. If a stroke and turn judge observes improper technique, they may warn or disqualify (DQ) a swimmer in that event. All DQ’s are submitted to the scoring table. Warnings are given to 10 & unders at the first meet. 8 & unders are judged more leniently in Valley Aquatic League than in U. S. Swimming.
  • Head Timer (1 per meet): The Head Timer holds the backup watch for any lane timer that misses a start.
  • Runners: responsible for delivery of all official times to the computer table.
  • Timers (3 per lane): responsible to record the times for the swimmers. By starting their watches at the direction of the Starter and stopping their watches when any part of the swimmer touches the wall, they record a swimmer’s official times. There are 3 timers per lane, and one lane timer records all 3 times. The middle or average time is the official time.
  • Clerk of the Course (2): Swimmers must check in with the clerks and may have a new lane assignment if a swimmer is absent.
  • Announcer (1): announces the events and other information. Through close coordination with the Clerk of the Course, the Starter and the Meet Director, the Announcer controls the tempo of the meet.
  • Results Recorders: enter the times from the lane sheets on the computer and print labels for the ribbon writers. They post results periodically.
  • Ribbon Writers: receive the labels, check for improved times, select the appropriate award and file the ribbons.
  • Gatewatch during swim practice: for parents with 3 or more swimmers 
  • Other volunteer opportunities: Snack bar workers, team store, name tags, swimathon lap counters, locker room monitors, set up, clean up, recycling, etc.

Dual meets relays are scored 8, 4, and 2 points for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. A team can not score both 1st and 2nd place points on relays, the maximum points earned by a team on relays is 10 points. Individual events are scored 7, 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1 point for 1st to 6th places, and ribbons awarded through 8th place, as well as Improved Time (Personal Best) and Participant ribbons. 

Parents play a key role in developing a positive team and family environment. The following are guiding principles for all parents: 

  • Model appropriate behavior for children. Smoking or drinking alcoholic beverages are not permitted at any pool in the League.
  • Help the athletes recognize that good sportsmanship, personal improvement and honest effort are more important than winning
  • Recognize that the pool deck is the coaches’ domain and parents must not interfere. Inform the coach of any supplemental coaching being arranged for your children.
  • Do not monopolize the coaches time at swim meets. Please wait to talk with the coaches after the meet or after practice.
  • Provide support and a positive attitude for all swimmers, coaches, officials and others.
  • Readily volunteer for timing, snack bar and other club duties.
  • Ensure punctuality of swimmers at practices and meets – set an example for your children.
  • Direct all concerns in a positive, constructive manner to the Director or Head Coach.
  • Accept your role as an ambassador for the Westgate Swim Team at​ meets and in the community – project a positive image.

Brittney Paulsen Eich, is on sabbatical this year with 2nd daughter expected late May. Coach Andrew is acting head coach. Coaches Sara Schiro, Coach Matt Smith, Nick McCord are back. New Coach in Training is Danielle Emile. In April pre-season we focus on stroke mechanics and we have teachers in the water with the youngest swimmers. Our coaches will emphasize stroke techniques and want all Gators to enjoy swimming as much as they love coaching, to understand the rules, safety and good sportsmanship. After preseason, Monday to Wednesday focus is conditioning, while Thursday/Friday focus is on stroke mechanics. Detailed coaches’ biographies are updated yearly and posted on our website.

The team’s home pool is Westgate Cabana Pool at 4750 Bucknall Road, San Jose 95130. We are guest users of this facility. We must abide by the City of San Jose rules and regulations for parking according to our operating permit. NEVER park adjacent to neighbor’s homes and do NOT jaywalk when walking across Bucknall Road. Use the Baker School parking lots, and Bucknall or Woodglen adjacent to the school, not any homes. The Bucknall curb (not red) in front of the Cabana is for loading/unloading of passengers or pool chemicals. Do NOT park more than 10 minutes for drop off and pick up of swimmers. Neighbors do report License Plate numbers to the San Jose police for permit violations of parking in front of their homes.

Table of Contents

We’re delighted to see all our returning swimmers, and very happy to welcome new Gator families.

This handbook is designed to assist Westgate Gators’ families in understanding summer league swimming, information about the sport, the team and parent responsibilities. We hope that every family, new and returning, will take time to read the updated handbook. Seasonal information is provided by email and on our website www.westgatecabana.org .

Co-Director Claudia Smith:csmith@vcs.net Cell: 408-499-7710 weekends/evenings

Co-Director Parent Volunteer Coordinator Wahid Kazem: wahidkazem@yahoo.com

Westgate Swim Team (Gators) is a member of Valley Aquatic League, along with 4 other swim teams that we compete against. They are Los Ranchitos Swim Team (Sharks) – 5 lane pool in Campbell, Encore Swim Team (Dolphins) – 6 lane pool at Pioneer High School, Los Gatos (Stingrays) – 5 lane pool on Oka Road and the Morgan Hill Splash Aquatics, Olympic size pool at the Morgan Hill Aquatic Center. The Championship meet is also held at the Morgan Hill Aquatic Center on the last Saturday in July. The Westgate Cabana Club’s San Jose Conditional Use permit doesn’t allow the team to host a meet at our Westgate facility as we do not have sufficient parking without being a nuisance to the neighborhood. Westgate Swim Team rents Valley Christian High (100 Skyway Drive, San Jose CA) for our home meets.   Additional League info here.  Valley Aquatic League Standing Rules and Bylaws available here.

Volunteers are the KEY to success of our swim team. Unlike other youth sports, where generally a handful of people can run the team, a swim program simply can not be run without parental help and participation, and lots of it. It takes over 1500 volunteer hours from April to July. That’s why every Gator family is REQUIRED to volunteer a minimum of 15 hours for 1 child, 20 hours for 2 children, or 25 hours for 3 or more children over the course of the season. There are many ways in which this commitment may be met.  Hours due but not contributed will be billed to my account at the end of the season at the rate of $25 per unfilled hour. 

ALL families must help out at meets in which your child is swimming, with rare exception, such as both parents at work or out of town. It takes more than 100 individuals to set up, clean up, check in, officiate, line up kids, work snack bar, team store, time, write ribbons and enter and post results for a typical meet. There are numerous other “behind the scenes” jobs, including pool set-up and take down, arranging team-bonding activities, Swimathon, locker room monitors, deck cleaning, fund raising. Parents select a committee or position on which to serve during the season. If you have any questions, please contact the Team Director, Parent Volunteer Coordinator or Committee Chairs by email. We will also have a parent meeting mid-May. 

The swim team cannot survive without fundraising activities. All families are required to donate 3 items to the snack bar during the season, 1 item per meet, or 3 items at 1 meet (if you are absent). Other fundraisers are the Swimathon and championship ads in the printed program and the 50th anniversary bricks for the front walkway.

Sign-ups for the team are January 1-20 for returning swimmers and returning 2018 Cabana members. January 21-31 is for new 2016 Cabana members. If there are openings in any age group, then non-Cabana members can join starting Feb. 1. Once an age group is full, a waiting list will be started. Westgate Swim Team is limited for all meets by Valley Aquatic League to 135 swimmers ages 41⁄2 -18 years. Because there are many vacations, graduations, weddings, in June and July, we often have 25 to 45 swimmers absent at a meet. We have about 160 on the team for this reason. Please notify the swim team director and coach of your meet absences at least 4 days before a meet so that your swimmer’s place can be filled and all the relays can be arranged.

New 41⁄2-7 year-olds have teachers in the water during the preseason weeks in April. New swimmers must be water safe before starting preseason. During the month of May, the coaches are explaining and guiding the four strokes. By the end of May all swimmers must be able to swim 25 yards UNASSISTED. The first Saturday in June is the practice meet at our Cabana which helps the youngest swimmers see what a swim meet is like, get guidance for technique and determine times for time improvement awards. 

Non-profit ID #94-1626721 1963 to 2019!

One of the main goals of the Westgate Swim Team is to promote good sportsmanship to your own teammates as well as to any other team members. We believe that each member of Westgate Swim Team should be a role model in this endeavor. Westgate’s Swimmer’s Code of Conduct lists behaviors considered essential to this goal. This document is intended to be positive, but parents and swimmers need to know that a swimmer’s failure to uphold the Code of Conduct may result in a warning, and that repeated failures or a particularly extreme incident may result in suspension or disqualification from participation in swim team activities, including swim meets. The Valley Aquatic League is serious about promoting positive behavior and eliminating poor sportsmanship.Type your paragraph here.

Westgate Gators are expected to: 

  • Show respect and kindness to everyone on our team at all times.
  • Promote team unity and spirit through active participation in practicesand spirit events.
  • Swim Caps with pictures, slogans or from another school or USA team are prohibited by League rules. This also does not promote team spirit!
  • Demonstrate positive and appropriate behavior at all times (profanity, disrespectful language, or poor sportsmanship are not tolerated). This includes language, posters, and actions.
  • Show respect to coaches by listening attentively to coaching instructions during meets and practices, discussing concerns directly with the coaching staff, supporting coaching decisions, and maintaining flexibility as swimmers.
  • Show respect to officials and other volunteers at all times by supporting decisions.
  • Exhibit good sportsmanship after every race by staying in the water until all racers have finished and shaking hands with all racers in the heat.
  • Choose positive cheers, friendly words and graciously accept both wins and defeats.
  • Promote team unity by watching and cheering on other teammates during meets and by assisting those younger or newer to the team.
  • Demonstrate respect for the Westgate Cabana community and other host communities by keeping their team areas clean and using​ equipment and facilities safely and appropriately. 
  • There are no league nor team requirements for attendance at practice but our coaches request that swimmers attend practice daily unless they have other commitments such as “music lessons, dance lessons, scouts, birthday parties, school activity, etc.”. If a swimmer is out of town until the day before the meet, they may still attend the swim meet if they have been entered in it.
  • To help meets run smoother and faster, it is imperative that the director be informed of anticipated absences from swim meets by Wednesday of each week. Entries are due by Wednesday evening. Please let the director know by email at the earliest opportunity if you will be gone for all or part of a meet. An email to csmith@vcs.net is best.
  • For the relay events, coaches will select relay members. Selection is based on individual times, relay splits and the ability to do the stroke correctly. We try to have all children swim in a relay, sometimes not enough children are present to make a full relay team. Some pools have enough lanes to run A, B, and C relays so 12 swimmers in each age group can participate. Other pools only have 4 lanes for A and B relays. Only 1 heat per age group is allowed. Be sure to arrive on time, before warm up time and make sure that the age group parent knows your child is present. Medley relays are the first events at each meet, so please know who is on your swimmer’s relay team and stay together.
  • In any one meet, swimmers may participate in only three of the five individual events (freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly and individual medley)
  • After the meet each swimmer is awarded a ribbon for every event they swam, either 1st through 8th place, improved time or participant.
  • If a swimmer must leave early, the coach must be notified so they will know who is available for alternates in the final relays. 

The Westgate Swim Team supports the development of the skills of each individual. We value the participation of ALL swimmers, every swimmer is a winner. Winning, while valued, is not our primary objective. 


  • Team identity and spirit are important. Team swimsuits are encouraged to be worn at all meets but this is optional. Team suits can be ordered in March, team caps can be purchased from our team store. Caps or suits from a high school/USA team are not permitted by League Rules.
  • Boys are requested to wear racing-style swimsuits to practices and meets. Big baggy boardshorts can make learning the strokes more difficult, but the older swimmers will often wear them to create “drag” which works the muscles harder.
  • Girls are required to wear one-piece suits for practice and that suit must be tight enough not to bag. For swim meets, the girls’ suits must be very snug. To tell if they are too loose, pinch the suit in the tummy area – if you can pull it away more than a couple of inches, then it’s too loose. New suits get looser with age, so don’t buy them with room to grow!
  • Competition Suits should be one size smaller than a practice suit. They should be very snug, no wrinkles, maybe even a little uncomfortable! Don’t wear your competition suits to practice every day!
  • Practice suits should be more comfortable fitting. The practice suits will have a little more drag in the water which helps build up the muscles. Many swimmers will wear 2 practice suits for even more drag in the water. If a little hole develops or the seat wears thin, just put on another suit over it! When you see the older, high school swimmers with their layered suits, you will understand why.


  • RINSE, rinse, rinse immediately after swimming! Rinsing out all the chlorine and chemicals helps the suit last longer.
  • Wash by hand only with mild soap. Hang dry.
  •  Do NOT use the washing machine nor dryer.
  • Wear shorts over the swimsuit during the meet to keep the seat from wearing thin.


  • Official Westgate team caps (or a solid color cap) are the only caps allowed at a swim meet by League rules. Caps with pictures, slogans or from another school or USA team are prohibited.
  • Anyone with hair long enough to get into the face must wear a swim cap for every practice. Caps protect hair from the sun and chlorine.
  • Practice and racing caps can be purchased from our team store.
  • Rinse immediately after swimming! Getting rid of all the chlorine and chemicals helps the cap last longer. Pat dry with a towel.
  • Use cornstarch or talcum powder on the inside of the cap.
  • Keep out of the sunlight when not in use.


  • Goggles are an aid to training. They protect the swimmer’s eyes from chlorine and enable them to see clearly under the water to use the lines on the bottom of the pool, as well as the wall ahead.
  • Goggles should fit well enough that swimmers do not have to keep adjusting them or draining water from them. Goggles are worn more tightly for racing than during practice. Many new swimmers lose their goggles the first time they dive because they are too loose.
  • Have an extra pair on hand, since this is considered the most common item in any pool’s “lost-and-found” box. Write their name on the goggle strap!
  • You can purchase several types of goggles, or goggle repair kits from our team store every Monday practice and at swim meets.


  • Don’t forget sunscreen, t-shirts, sunhats, towels, water or sports drink and healthy snacks. Stay hydrated! 

For the last meet of the season, all five teams compete together, with up to 650 swimmers. Parents, family, friends and supporters have an opportunity to send a personal greeting or advertise a business. Personal greetings are $10, business card size ads $15, quarter page ads $25, half page ads $40, full page ads $75 and cover ads on back, inside back or inside front are $100, full page color is $300. 50% of the proceeds benefit the Gators and 50% benefit Valley Aquatic League. 

The Sunday evening following Champs from 600 to 900pm, the Westgate Cabana Pool is reserved for the end of the season pot-luck dinner and the presentation of awards. Team trophies are presented to all swimmers who have swum in at least one meet, and many other awards including ribbons and medals are distributed. The coaches spend a great deal of time and effort to recognize each swimmer’s special qualities.

What to bring for the potluck?  (Below is subject to change)

  • Last name: A through G – main dish and dessert H through O – main dish and bread P through Z – main dish and salad
  • Bring your own lawn chairs, plates, forks, knifes, napkins, beverages
  • Bring a garbage packet to take home your garbage, we are guests of the pool and the dumpster space is limited!
  • Don’t forget your cameras and towels... yes, there will be a night swim for all Gators, parents and coaches.
  • Please no pushing anyone in the pool! No horseplay! 
Event Number



Age Group

Event Description

1215/18200 yard Medley Relay
3413/14200 yard Medley Relay
5611/12200 yard Medley Relay
789/10100 yard Medley Relay
9108 & under100 yard Medley Relay
111215/1850 yard butterly
131413/1450 yard butterfly
151611/1250 yard butterfly
17189/1025 yard butterfly
19207/825 yard butterfly
21226 & under25 yard butterfly
232415/1850 yard backstroke
252613/1450 yard backstroke
272811/1250 yard backstroke
29309/1025 yard backstroke
31327/825 yard backstroke
33346 & under25 yard backstroke
35369/10100 yard Individual Medley
37387/850 yard* freestyle
394011/12100 yard Individual Medley
414213/14100 yard Individual Medley
434415/18100 yard Individual Medley
45466 & under25 yard breaststroke
47487/825 yard breaststroke
49509/1025 yard breaststroke
515211/1250 yard breaststroke
535413/1450 yard breaststroke
555615/1850 yard breaststroke
57586 & under25 yard freestyle
59607/825 yard* freestyle
61629/1025 yard freestyle
636411/1250 yard freestyle
656613/1450 yard freestyle
676815/1850 yard freestyle
69706 & under100 yard freestyle Relay
71727/8100 yard freestyle Relay
73749/10100 yard freestyle Relay
757611/12200 yard freestyle Relay
777813/14200 yard freestyle Relay
798015/18200 yard freestyle Relay
*Note: A 7/8 year old swimmer can NOT swim both the 50 free and 25 free.

2019 Gator Parent Handbook 

SWIMMER PARTICIPATION PLEDGE: print name _______________________ I, _________________________age_______, promise to always show respect and good sportsmanship in my words and actions to my coaches, my teammates, parents and to all other teams in Valley Aquatic League. I will be positive, kind and respectful to all swimmers and adults from every team. I understand that if I lack respect or good sportsmanship, I may be prohibited from participating. Parent’s signature:____________________________ date ________ I have read and talked with my child about showing respect and good sportsmanship. 

Westgate Cabana Club’s facility was built in 1962 as a nonprofit corporation. Ann West swam (along with her three siblings) for the Cabana Club in 1966 and the team was already established. One of their ribbons had the year imprinted on it (1968) and "VSA" on the front. The name of their swim coach was Steve Fox (he was tough and made quite an impression on them!). Their family moved out of the neighborhood in 1968 and soon after started swimming for LTAC (Lynbrook-Tantau Aquatic Club) at Lynbrook High School. Ann remembers taking team photos at the Cabana Club (swim suits had blue and red vertical stripes. In the 1970s Westgate combined with Cloverdale and was known as the Cloverdale Westgate Dolphins. It was then a part of the Mission Oaks Aquatic League where swimmers could only swim 2 individual events. The parents voted in 1986 to become the Westgate Gators. A few years later, they joined the Valley Aquatic League. One of the main advantages was that each swimmer could now swim 3 individual events at a meet. The League has a limit of 135 swimmers ages 5 to 18 years per team.

Westgate Cabana Club’s pool and deck were renovated in 2003. Westgate has a 15-year loan for the renovation that was paid off in 2014. The Cabana is open to all neighborhoods and has a goal to fill the membership and raise funds to purchase new pool covers, continue renovations to the facility. 

Time Trials are held the first Saturday of June at the Westgate Cabana Pool. The purpose of this meet is to provide an opportunity for the swimmers and the parents to participate in a trial run of a meet. This practice meet helps the coaches to determine if a new swimmer is ready for competition. Each swimmer’s goal is to obtain times in all events that will be used for forming relays and as a base for improved time ribbons. There are no relays at time trials. The parents receive hands-on training in the volunteer position they have selected.Type your paragraph here.

REV 4/7/19

For dual meets and Championships, swimmers are limited to 3 individual events, and at most 2 relays. The coaches choose the events based on how much progress a swimmer is making in different strokes, and balancing the number of swimmers in each event. The younger swimmers may not swim the same 3 events every week. The older swimmers may have established their best events with little or no fluctuation. At least one meet per season is a “swimmer’s choice” meet where the swimmer and parents can choose which individual events they would like to swim. The Head Coach is responsible for developing the “meet sheet entries” each week and providing the event list to the director for preparing the computer entries for the following Saturday’s dual meet. The director emails entries to the host team. The “meet sheet” is then emailed to all families and posted on our bulletin board at the Westgate Cabana Pool.

How does a coach decide who is going to swim what? The coaches try to put an equal number of swimmers in each event and almost all swimmers will do freestyle. The coaches also know which stroke a child may need more work on before competing in it so that he is not disqualified. The director and coaches keep track of best times and relay split times. The Valley Aquatic League has a limit of 135 swimmers at each swim meet.  

WESTGATE SWIM TEAM BOARD Article 1 -- Membership

Section 1. The Westgate Swim Team Board shall consist of two classes of members.

a. General Members – parents or guardians of swim team children who have swum for the team a minimum of one season.

b. Officers.

The Swim Team Board must have a minimum of two officers: co-directors of the team. They will divide up the following duties.

At least one of the officers must be a member of the Westgate Cabana

Club from the previous season and act as a liaison from the Swim Team Board to the Cabana Board. This officer is elected at the annual Cabana meeting in September and shall serve a maximum of three consecutive years.

One director shall have general supervision, direction and control of the affairs of the swim team subject to the approval of the Swim Team Board, and shall sign on behalf of the swim team all papers necessary for operating the swim team, hiring of coaches and renting facilities for League meets.

One director shall prepare annual budgets, maintain accurate records of the checking account, maintain a swim team roster and assist the other director/s.

One director will coordinate the parent volunteer duties necessary for running the swim meets and the duties required by Valley Aquatic League.

Section 2. Only members of the Westgate Swim Team Board shall be entitled to vote on swim team business. Each member shall have one vote.

Section 3. Removal of an Officer. A majority of the Westgate Swim Team Board members present at a special meeting duly called and held for that purpose may remove any officer for just cause.

Article 2 -- Meetings

Section 1. Place of meetings. Meetings shall be held in Santa Clara County at the Westgate Cabana Club or home of any swim team member.

Section 2. Notice of meetings. A notice for the first meeting of the season, usually in May, will be made to all the swim team families at least 7 days in advance of the meeting. Notices of the meeting shall specify the place, date and hour of the meeting.

Section 3. Quorum. The presence of 7 or more members shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business. In the absence of a quorum, business may be transacted but will not be official until ratified by a majority of the voting members of the Westgate Swim Team Board.

Article 3 -- Miscellaneous Provisions

Section 1. No part of the net earnings, profits or assets of Westgate Swim Team shall inure to the benefit of any private person or member or officer of the Westgate Swim Team Board. Upon dissolution of the Westgate Swim Team, all assets remaining after providing for all debts and obligations shall be donated to the Westgate Cabana Club.

Section 2. The Westgate Swim Team is a member of the Valley Aquatic League. Any action to change leagues must be approved the Westgate Swim Team Board. Two members of the Westgate Swim Team Board are required to attend the Valley Aquatic League meetings and fulfill duties assigned by the League.

Section 3. Amendments. These by-laws may be altered, repealed, or amended and new or additional by-laws adopted by the Westgate Swim Team Board upon 30-day written notice of the changes to be made to members of the Board. These by-laws shall become effective following their adoption by the present Westgate Swim Team Board and the Westgate Cabana Board.

Section 4. The Westgate Swim Team Board may adopt rules and regulations for the conduct of their meetings and management of their affairs as they may deem proper.

(Main) +1-408-378-4181

(Lessons) +1-408-703-2458

4750 Bucknall Road San Jose CA 95130 US

The website and email are the primary method for parents, coaches and swimmers to share information. A correct email address, cell phone are essential. Each family has a Gator file folder kept at the pool for notes or gifts from swim buddies, flyers, newsletters and ribbons not picked up at the end of a swim meet. Check your folder at least weekly. We have two Facebook pages. The first is a public page that you "like" if you interested in receiving updates. This page is public so it will not include meet details, photos or anything else that is private to the team. To join this page click this link and push the like button: https://www.facebook.com/westgateswimteam/ The second page is for confirmed swim team members, parents and staff. This page will have meet details (as calendar items that will synch to your Facebook account), and we will be leveraging Facebook photo archiving ability to store and share photos. To join, click this link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/WestgateSwimTeamMembers/ 


  • Rain or shine: We will hold practice and meets in any weather, unless there is lightning!
  • Be early and check in: Check in at the attendance table for every practice. Remember to allow time to do any flexibility work and fix your cap and goggles before practice begins.
  • Drink plenty of water: Bring a water bottle to practice and meets.
  • Don’t splash, wrestle, or grab another swimmer.
  • Don’t try to pass. . . faster swimmers are chosen to go first to avoid collisions. Leave enough space between swimmers by leaving on the correct interval, about 5 seconds apart. Don’t stop in the middle, don’t walk or stand up. Swim wall to wall. 
  • Use of facilities: We are guests of ALL the facilities we use. Please clean up any food or trash items. Never bring glass items to a pool.
  • Dress: Success is dependent upon staying healthy. Take care to dry well, especially your hair, and to dress appropriately for the weather.
  • Teammates: This is your team; make it enjoyable for everyone on the team. Offer encouragement to at least one other swimmer each day. A “good job” or “nice swim” helps make the practice time nicer.
  • Valuables: Do not leave valuables in the restrooms. Please keep them out on the deck, where you can keep an eye on them.
  • Problems: If you have any questions or problems, email or talk to the director or one of the coaches. But, please do not disturb coaches while they are coaching.
  • Fun: Make sure you always have lots of fun! Type your paragraph here.
408-499-7710 after 3pm school days


  • Map Know the location of the meet and have a map with you—please arrive on time.
  • Cell phones with friends’ phone numbers just in case you get lost.
  • Food Please patronize our snack bar—it is an important source of revenue for our team. Limit your swimmers to high-energy food that digests easily like fruit, vegetables, water and juice (doughnuts, sodas, hamburgers, chips, candy, etc. are not suggested or encouraged during the meet) Save the treats for celebrating after the meet!
  • Gator Team suit, cap & goggles - Extra goggles are key—bring extra team swimsuits if you have them. Warm-up gear is essential: sweatpants, sweatshirt, parka, blanket, or sleeping bag. Mornings are chilly and your little ones will be cold after they get out of the water.
  • Extra towels 2 to 4 towels per swimmer (don’t count on the sun to dry)
  • Slip on shoes / flip-flops
  • Sunscreen & hat or visor Watch the nose and shoulders, wear a shirt between events.
  • Games, books, cards, etc.
  • Lawn Chairs – Gator folding chairs have our team logo, sold in the team store.
  • Tent, tarp, or umbrella (Most pools will not allow tents on the deck.)

Pencil/pen & paper to record your swimmers events, times, etc.- Know your swimmers’ events. They are emailed and posted at the meet. Participate in warm-ups, team meeting, and ‘Gator cheer before each meet. Make sure your swimmers are a part of this—team spirit is essential.

Stay after the meet for the awarding of the “Matt Mikaelsson Sportsmanship Awards” and “Swimmer of the Week” honors.

ARRIVE on time! CHECK IN on time! Don’t be late for relays – your team counts on you.

  • Check in before warm-ups for all meets, usually 700am for home meets and 730am for away meets
  • Parking may be a problem at some meets, leave enough time for this or carpool whenever possible
  • 6 & Unders will not warm up unless they are assigned to an 8 & under Medley Relay. The first event for 6 & unders starts about 855am, so check-in by 830 at the latest.
  • All meets begin PROMPTLY at 8:00 with Medley Relays

Swimmers are encouraged to attend all meets. Team members enjoy hearing the cheers from their parents and friends on the team. Parents, please limit talk to the coaches during swim meets. The coaches’ responsibilities are with the swimmers. You are welcome to talk to the coaches after practices and swim meets.
Whenever possible, stay for the entire meet to cheer on the relays and receive ribbons. After the meet is over, please help clean up and join the team meeting for ribbons distribution. Special awards are the “Matt Mikaelsson Sportsmanship Award” presented to 2 swimmers and the “Swimmers of the Week” presented to 7 swimmers. ALL swimmers receive ribbons for every event they have swum.