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Congratulations to the Team for an Amazing 2017 Season.  Back to Back  2016 VAL Championship!

2017 Season Results

Club and League Records

Westgate Records as of 7/27/17 - New records from Champs 2017!

VAL Records of of 7/29/17 - New records from Champs 2017!

swim team history and Records

Westgate Swim Team has had a successful recreational swim program for over 40 years. Our trained, certified, experienced coaches are dedicated to making swimming fun, while building youngsters' endurance and skills. Westgate Cabana Club's facility was built in 1962. The Swim Team began in the 1970s in conjunction with Cloverdale and was known as the Cloverdale Westgate Dolphins. It was then a part of the Mission Oaks Aquatic League where swimmers could only swim 2 individual events. The parents voted in 1986 to become the Westgate Gators. A few years later, they joined the Valley Aquatic League. One of the main advantages was that each swimmer could now swim 3 individual events at a meet.