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swim team philosophy

The Westgate Swim Team philosophy is to develop in your children the love for the sport, improved aquatic skills, teamwork and the principles of good sportsmanship. The coaches' philosophy is for the swimmers to have fun as they develop stamina and fitness. They want to help each swimmer improve and be the best they can be. Most of all, the coaches will ensure that a swimmer does not prevent someone else from doing their best.

The swim team provides many wonderful benefits to the children and families of our community. Summer swimming is unique in that there is a place on the team for kids of all ages and genders. How many other youth sports have children spanning such a wide range in age participating on the same team? In addition, the Gators offer the only sporting activity that is truly neighborhood based. All swimmers are offered the opportunity to compete, improve their performance, and have fun. It provides parents, friends and neighbors the chance to join together and cheer for the Gators. As a team and an organization we do have some expectations:

  • Gators (parents and children) must abide by the Codes of Conduct
  • Gators must keep their commitments. The team tries to be flexible and accommodating, but if you've told us that you're available (to swim, or to work at the meet) please know that we're counting on you!
  • Gators swimmers should DO their best - it's more important than being the best
  • Gators should have fun!