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Registration Fee (Non-Refundable)

per swimmer


Pre-Season April 13-24     cancelled April 6-10 due to Covid-19
          8th Grade & Below Only

1 Week
2 weeks
3 weeks


Swim Team Fee (Based on Current School Grade)

          8th Grade & below (Swim Team starts April 27 to July 26)

          8th Grade & below (Practice Team April 27 to June 6)

          High School & up to age 18 (Swim Team starts May 11)

1st Child
Each Additional Child



Program Fee for swimmers who are not Westgate Cabana Members (see below)

1st Child
Each Additional Child


2020 Season Sign up schedule:  Registration LINK

  • January 1-20 is for returning swimmers and returning 2019 Cabana members
  • January 21-31 is for new 2020 Cabana members
  • If there are openings in any age group, then non-Cabana members can join starting Feb. 1
  • Ages 7/8 girls, 9/10 girls, 9/10 boys, 11/12 girls, 13/14 girls are FULL.

Refund Policy

The refund policy is as follows: April 20: 80%, April 30 : 70%, May 10: 50%, May 20: 40% refund.  NO REFUND after May 20.

Maximum Swimmers

Swim Team is for swimmers age 4½ to 18 years old. The Valley Aquatic League limits the Westgate Swim Team to 135 swimmers for all swim meets. We set our roster limit to 160 swimmers since there are often at least 25 swimmers absent due to vacations, illnesses or injuries.

Competition Team

  • Practice runs April 27 through July 24 More Info
  • Must attend 2 meets to qualify for end of season CHAMPS competition
  • Required Parent Duties More Info
  • Younger Swimmers must have minimum proficiency (see below)

Practice Team 

  • Practice runs April 27 through June 6 More Info
  • No swim meets except for time trial on June 6 
  • Required Gatewatch and/or Deck Cleaning Parent Duties
  • If space is available, may change status from Practice to Competition Team; parent duties at swim meets are required

Younger Swimmers (4.5 to 7 years old)

  • Before starting preseason, must be “water safe” able to dog paddle 5 yards to the side of the pool and willing to follow directions from instructor in the water or having completed Level 2 of Swim Lessons
  • By the end of preseason, must have mastery of the Level 3 skills below:

    - Bob in deep water to travel to safety 15 times (safety swimming)
    - Front glide with push off and kicks, 2 body lengths
    - Back glide with push off and kicks, 2 body lengths
    - Swim width of pool, freestyle
    - Reverse direction while swimming, front and back
    - Tread water for 45 seconds

  • By the end of May, all swimmers must be able to swim 25 yards unassisted

Program Fee

Swimmers who are not Westgate Cabana Club members will be assessed a Program Fee for the privilege of using the pool during preseason and regular season swim practices, practice swim meets, and other swim team related activities. This provides insurance coverage for swimmers in addition to absorbing a portion of the cost for pool maintenance, chemicals, supplies, and other associated costs. These fees do not allow the use of the pool at any time other than swim team events.

swim team registration