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  • ​​Championship Swim Meet: All Competition Team families, with the exception of both parents at work or out of town, must help out at meets including the Championship Swim Meet. We need more volunteers at the Champs meet, so don’t complete all your hours before that unless you are out of town for Champs. 

  • Deck Cleaning (April - June) Open to all families - We need volunteers to help keep the deck clean during swim practice. This includes vacuuming (or sweeping) debris fallen from the tree and hosing the deck towards the end of practice; 1/2 hour volunteer credit for each task. Please see Claudia at the gatewatch desk if completing this task for the first time.  Deck Cleaning is limited to 5 sign-ups. 
  • Minimum 15 volunteer hours for 1 child, 20 hours for 2 children, or 25 hours for 3+ swimmers
  • Gatewatch duties can be used to satisfy a portion of the volunteer requirements for families with 3+ swimmers (limit of 8 shifts/max 12 hours)
  • Donate 3 items for snack bar at home meets (held at Westgate Cabana Club or Valley Christian High School)
  • ​Deck cleaning can be used to satisfy some volunteer hours (limit 5 sign ups). More details below.
  • Submit Committee volunteer form prior to May 1st, we need committee leads and members for specific larger jobs
  • Sign-up for parent duties at swim meets within your assigned committee(s)
  • Turn in Volunteer Time Card to Volunteer Coordinator at end of season
  • Any hours due but not contributed will be billed at the end of the season at the rate of $25 per unfilled hour 
  • Gatewatch during practice is restricted to practice team families, or with 3+ swimmers for Competition Team family
  • Sign up for 5 Gatewatch or 5 Deck Cleaning sessions during swim practice per swimmer.
  • Turn in Volunteer Time Card to Volunteer Coordinator when Practice Team is over
  • NOTE: There are no volunteer requirements​ for Pre-Season

Note:* denotes links that are disabled for season

Volunteers are the key to success of our swim team. Unlike other youth sports, where generally a handful of people can run the team, a swim program simply cannot be run without parental help and participation, and lots of it. It takes more than 100 individuals to set up, clean up, check in, officiate, line up kids, work snack bar, team store, time, write ribbons and enter and post results for a typical meet. Each year more than 15,000 volunteer hours are completed by the parents. 

Links to signups for Parent Duties will not be active until after Feb. 20
For more information please consult with our Handbook

swim team parent duties