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4750 Bucknall Road San Jose CA 95130 US

DIsabled Persons

Persons with medical disability may park along Bucknall Road in the loading zone (yellow "Drop Off Only" section in map below) and enter the pool using the ramp via the rear access gate.  You can request a key to access the back gate from the Membership Director.


We have a bike rack in front of the club and inside the club.  If you use the outside bike rack please be sure to lock it.


Please be aware that as a neighborhood swim club located in the City of San Jose, the Westgate Cabana Club is subject to the rules and regulations in our Conditional Use Operating Permit. Our Permit restricts members and guests from parking in the surrounding neighborhood. Our permit can be revoked if neighbors report cars parked in front of/adjacent to homes. Please note that on Maroel Drive (residential street directly next to the Club) parking is only permitted on the section of curb directly next to our fence as the property line to the corner at Norwich Way is a restricted zone. See map below.

We require that you use the Baker School parking lots or street parking next to Baker School.  As a member you are responsible for ensuring that your guests also abide by these parking rules. You will receive a warning if you park in a restricted area and your license plate number will be recorded. After that you are at risk of losing your membership privileges



  • Park in Baker School parking lots
  • Park on Maroel Ave. next to the Cabana Club
  • Park along Bucknall Rd. next to school, not homes
  • Use cross walk on Bucknall Rd. to get to Cabana Club


  • Park in residential areas - neighbors often report license plate numbers to the San Jose police
  • Jaywalk when walking across Bucknall Rd - we don't want anyone to get hurt
  • Park along curb in front of the Cabana Club - it is for drop-off/pick-up or loading/unloading

If a patron is parking in front of your home, then please fill out the online parking violation form.