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pool rules

The Westgate Cabana Club has been a great place to swim, meet your neighbors, and host parties since 1962.  We have a set of Pool Rules to help everyone safely enjoy the pool while respecting other guests and the municipal laws.

General Rules

  1. Each member must sign-in at the gatewatch check-in desk

  2. Children under 14 are not permitted in the club without a parent or guardian

  3. Guest passes are required for non-members entering the facility whether or not they go swimming, except infants less than one year of age

  4. Park bikes either outside in the bike rack or walk bikes and carry scooters and skateboards to and from the bike rack near the men’s restroom

  5. No pets are permitted in the pool facility

  6. No radios permitted without earphones

  7. Pillows are for use on lounge chairs only. Please return them to the rack near the entrance when done using them

  8. Proper swim attire is required in the pool. Long hair must be tied back in a ponytail, braid, or swim cap

  9. Swimmers provide their own towels

  10. Cabana Club is not responsible for lost or stolen articles. Please leave your valuables at home. Check the lost and found regularly.

  11. No sports balls (basket, soccer, volleyball, tennis, etc.) are permitted in the pool facility. Beach balls and Nerf style balls are permitted.  Out of courtesy to our neighbors (and our fence) no hitting or kicking balls or other toys against the fence

  12. No Smoking anywhere on the premises of Westgate Cabana Club. This includes no smoking within 15 feet of the front entrance.

Food and Parties

  1. Absolutely no glass, ceramic, or other breakable items are allowed within the facility AT ANY TIME. Beverages must be transferred to other containers prior to entering the facility. Glass on the premises is a violation of the California Pool Health & Safety Code as broken glass can cause serious injury to bare feet.

  2. No chewing gum is allowed

  3. Alcohol is permitted, but is not allowed on the pool deck (picnic areas and lawn only)

  4. Use the recycling container for aluminum cans and plastic bottles. Proceeds from recycling benefit the swim team

  5. Food should be eaten away from the pool deck, either on the grass, benches, or picnic tables. Please clean up after yourselves and your children

  6. No sunflower seeds or shelled snacks as these can clog up the pool filters

  7. The covered patio with the tables near the entrance is available for pool party rental. Members must not set up and occupy areas on and in front of the stairs to the covered patio. Ample space must be maintained for entering and exiting this area.

  8. If you have rented the party area for the second shift, please do not arrive early to set up. Out of courtesy give the other party time to finish and clean up

  9. Picnic tables elsewhere in the facility and BBQs are on a first-come first-serve basis

  10. ​For the safety of our guests we do not allow pinatas.


Gatewatch is mandatory for all membership types except Teen. Family Membership requires three gate shifts while all others require two.  The general responsibility for gatewatch duty is to verify membership of entering members with the membership binder and to receive payment for guest passes. It is also the responsibility of members performing gatewatch duty to assist the Lifeguard or families in the event of an emergency. More details on specific gatewatch duties may be found at the gatewatch desk.  Upon completing your shifts, email the
Gatewatch Coordinator and request your $90 deposit be returned. Deadline to request a refund is October 31st. Please note that gatewatch refunds are not automatically issued, you must request it. For more information on gatewatch duties, how to request a refund or how to sign up for gatewatch, please visit our website.

San Jose Ordinance and Conditional Permit Requirements

The Westgate Cabana Club is subject to the rules and regulations of our Conditional Use Operating Permit, which restrict us from parking in the surrounding neighborhood. Our permit can be revoked if neighbors report cars parked in front of or adjacent to homes. Please note that on Maroel Drive, the street directly next to the Club, parking is only permitted along the section of curb directly adjacent to our fence, as the property line to the corner at Norwich Way is a restricted zone. Please use Baker School parking lots or street parking adjacent to school. Also, please note that the curb in front of the pool on Bucknall Rd. is for loading and unloading only. Please do not park in the loading or red zone. As a member you are responsible for ensuring that your guests also abide by these parking rules. You will receive a warning if you park in a restricted area and your license plate number will be recorded. After that you are at risk of losing your membership privileges. Please visit our website for more information on parking and to view the
Parking Map.


  1. The Lifeguards are responsible for enforcing these rules and maintaining safety at the pool

  2. Members or Guests are not permitted in the lifeguard’s chair

  3. No Lifeguard is on duty for the Wading Pool - Parents are responsible for their children

  4. No one is allowed in the pool during Open Swim unless a Lifeguard is present or “No Lifeguard on Duty” is posted

  5. Lifeguards will call adult swim at 45 minutes after each hour. At this time the Lifeguard will leave the Lifeguard post and fulfill other duties. No one under 18 years old is permitted in the pool during adult swim, with the exception of infants and toddlers (6 months to 3 years) who may be held by an adult. Teens over the age of 14 may swim laps during adult swim with Lifeguard’s permission.


  1. Never swim alone

  2. No running or rough play on the pool deck

  3. No diving or back-flips from the shallow end or from the side of the pool

  4. No jumping or diving into the pool with masks or fins or onto floating devices

  5. Children under 14 are not permitted in the club without a parent or guardian

  6. If you not sure of your child’s swimming ability, we encourage you to have him tested by the lifeguard(s) on duty. Note that this test can only be done during the 15 minutes of adult swim time so the lifeguards are not distracted from watching other swimmers. Often a child who is not a strong swimmer tries to jump into a ring or use a kick board at the deep end and can hurt himself because the swim aid bounces or the child can’t hang on. To swim in the deep end, a child should be able to swim the length of the pool.

  7. Water guns and blasters are permitted at the discretion of the lifeguard

  8. Parents must be in the water at all times with children wearing artificial swimming supports (arm bands, vests, or any swim assistance tool). Other artificial swimming devices, including tubes, rafts, fins, and large inflatable water toys, are permitted at the discretion of the lifeguard.

Health and Hygiene

  1. As a courtesy to others, please shower before entering the pool

  2. Please apply sunscreen at least 15 minutes before entering the pool to minimize residues dissolving into the water, which greatly affects water clarity and chlorine levels

  3. Often pool closure is due to contamination resulting from a child’s "poop in the pool" accident. In order to prevent such accidents, please encourage your child to use the bathroom frequently. Contamination is a serious and preventable disruption. It adds unnecessary expenses to pool operations since the pool must be shocked with chemicals and the pump must run continuously overnight for approximately 12 hours or as prescribed by the formulas dictated by the Santa Clara County Dept. of Environmental Health. The pool is closed to all swimmers during this period.

  4. Please have children use the restroom before entering the pool and remind them to use the restroom frequently. Parents need to monitor the bathroom needs and health of their children to minimize pool closures due to bodily discharges into the pool. For health and safety reasons, infants less than 6 months old are not allowed in the pool or wading pool.

  5. No one with an open wound or who is suspected of having an infection, cold, skin eruptions, sores, or any other contagious disease will be permitted to swim. Parents should monitor children for signs of these conditions.

  6. No one with currently active diarrhea or who have had active diarrhea within 14 days will be permitted to swim.

Wading Pool Rules

  1. Adults must be present at all times with their children in the Wading Pool as there is No Lifeguard on Duty for this pool

  2. No children over the age of 5 are allowed in wading pool

  3. A swim diaper is required for children 3 and under, which includes a waterproof (i.e. plastic/vinyl) swim diaper over a disposable or cloth swim diaper.

  4. Please remind children to use the bathroom frequently to prevent accidents. No jumping or diving into the wading pool with masks or fins or onto floating devices.

Cabana Kids Corner

  1. The toys in this area are designed for children 5 years and under.  Due to their size and creativity, children older than 5 may damage these toys, so we ask that you supervise older children in this area. The exception is the larger play structure, which may be used by children of all ages.

  2. For safety reasons, please do not allow children to climb on top of the play structure

  3. Adult supervision is recommended at all times in this area

Board of Directors

The Westgate Cabana Club is run by a group of dedicated volunteers. There are 8
Board of Director positions elected by members each September for the upcoming year. Each person can serve up to three years. Board of Directors may appoint committee members as needed to support other activities at the pool. In exchange for their service, Board Members receive a free membership and a discount on swim lessons, parties, and guest pass punch cards.