Westgate Swim Team (Gators) shares the Valley Aquatic League with these clubs:

The Westgate Cabana Club San Jose Conditional Use permit will not allow the team to host a meet at our facility as we do not have sufficient parking without being a nuisance to the neighborhood.  Westgate Swim Team rents Valley Christian High School pool for our home meets.

For more information about the team please check out our Gator Parent Handbook.

Our team traces its roots back to 1963 (one year after the Westgate Cabana was built in 1962) to its first swim team.  In the early 70’s two small teams (roughly 50 swimmers on each team), Westgate and Cloverdale, combined swimmers in order to have a large enough team to participate in meets.  This team took the name Cloverdale Westgate Dolphins and joined the Mission Oaks Aquatic League. 

In a few short years, each individual team grew big enough that they could participate in meets as seperate teams.  Westgate Swim Team joined the Valley Aquatic League in 1987 with Gators as the team mascot. 

Westgate Swim Team History & LEAGUE

408 499-7710 after 3pm school days

(Main) +1-408-378-4181

(Lessons) +1-408-703-2458

4750 Bucknall Road San Jose CA 95130 US

Vintage photos from 1966 courtesy of Ann West (pictures of her siblings swimming for the Westgate swim team)