Role and Responsibilities

  • Swim Team Liaison with Board
  • Responsible for Swim Team Customer Experience
  • Obtain/Renew Swim Team Liability Insurance
  • Present Swim Team Contract to Board for Approval
  • Coordinate Swim Team Parent Volunteer Duties
  • Obtain High School Pool Rentals for Swim Meets​

swim team liaison

Claudia Smith

(Main) +1-408-378-4181

(Lessons) +1-408-703-2458

4750 Bucknall Road San Jose CA 95130 US
  • Maintain Team Equipment: Backstroke Flags, kickboards, pull buoys, etc.
  • Approve Hiring of Coaching Staff
  • Establish Pay Rates for Coaching Staff
  • Responsible for Coaching Performance
  • Notify Neighbors in Advance of Events